Thursday, November 21, 2013

Me? A Fan? Could Be!

Jennifer Lawrence interview on David Letterman HD - November 20, 2013

I've never been a fan of a real-life movie star (Bambi isn't real). But after watching this interview last night I just might! This girl's hilarious!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

New Pets

My garden failed in everything except a pot of parsley.
Last week I noticed tiny green beads stuck to the parsley leaves, and a few days later some small black caterpillars, and now.... PETS!
Yep. Pet caterpillars.
Not Monarchs, though. They kind of look like the Monarch butterfly caterpillar, but these are Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. Love the parsley. They totally destroyed my plant so I bought them some from the grocery store. I put the stems in a cup of water and it's holding up well enough---at the rate they're going they might eat it all before it wilts anyway!
I wish I'd taken their pictures on Wednesday when they were less than 1" long. Now they're a good 2" long. Let me introduce you:
This one is named Parsley. Start up the music
for Scarborough Fair.


Rose, Mary, and And (yes, one of them is named And.
Scroll down and see if you guessed why I named it And).


Seven. Yes, this last one is named Seven. Kind of
got a Wheel of Fortune TV show "before and after"
clue going on. Also, I ran out of creativity and if he
hadn't been named Seven, I'd have called him Runt 'cuz he's
the smallest. Seven's better, right?

So, if I can keep track of when and where they cocoon, maybe I'll see some butterflies hatch! Or maybe I won't. They don't seem to be as predictable as Monarchs. From what I read, they might hatch in two weeks, or they might winter over and hatch in the spring. In either case, I'll try to keep track of my new pets for you.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wake Up!

A friend sent me this picture.
Or would you say a "friend" sent me this picture?
Gave me a "start" to my day, lol!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

I enjoyed spotting this speedy little bird hovering and darting around the cherry tree and zinnias today. Too fast for me to take a picture, so here's a composite from Wiki Commons. The bird is smaller than a sparrow but the best clue from the bird book description was that he looks like a miniature mocking bird. The tail sort of fans out, edged in white like a mockingbird. Really cute because it's so tiny. Bonus: diet = bugs!

File:Blue-gray Gnatcatcher From The Crossley ID Guide Eastern Birds.jpg
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher From The Crossley ID Guide Eastern Birds

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beautiful Girlhood

I'm auntie to 8 great girls on my side of the family, but I've always lived so far away that I'm not able to get to know them as well as I'd like. I don't see them at their games, pick them up from school, take pictures of their proms and dances, lecture them about boys, or spoil them!

So I created a bribe that would give me the chance to do some of that---taking pictures, lecture them about boys, and spoil them rolled into what I call a "Beautiful Girlhood" weekend. The bribe is that they read a book with the same title. It's a pretty old-fashioned and therefore probably quite boring for them. But it's all about building character and a moral compass, so it's important stuff. And if they make it through the book they spend the weekend getting spoiled rotten by Auntie Ferree!

This past week my neice Kendall finally had time to get-away here to South Carolina. I would have gone up to her place, but she decided long ago that when she finished the book I'd get to take her parasailing! Yep, I asked myself What Have I Done?!, administered a few good kicks to my backside, and lost a night of sleep before the big day as I tossed and turned wondering if I'd wrench my shoulder out of it's socket, what it'd be like to get tangled in the lines, wrapped like a cocoon in the sail, and drown like a rat, or what if the line broke and the sail blew away with us higher and higher and higher until we were just specks on a radar screen and our eyeballs froze in the upper atmosphere?

Enough words, here are the pictures! Kendall was here for two days so we got to do more than just parasail.
Up close to an alligator!

A rattlesnake in the wild! Yes, we were this close!

A canopy walk at a county park
The Grand Strand: 60 miles of white sand beaches!

On the pier at Myrtle Beach State Park


It was a hot and hazy morning and the heat index would top 100 later in the day. We left shore at 8:45, went through Murrell's Inlet at low tide, and then out over a mile into the open sea. There was a light breeze that helped keep us comfortable and no one got seasick. Including the captain and crew there were twelve souls on board, and ten of us went parasailing. All my fears were stupid and unfounded. Once I saw how it all worked I didn't have any qualms. And once I got up in the air I didn't want to come back down! Like the little girl on that tv commercial I kept saying, "More! We want more! We have to have more!"

Party-Time! And A Near-Death Experience

Here's my kind of party! Me and my buddies made 'snake dogs' (and ate 'em) and then we made multi-colored rainbow cupcakes that turned out more like multi-colored blobs in cupcakes. Nevertheless, they were delicious! As you can see ...

Too bad you missed the phenomenal puppet shows too!
But it's a good thing you missed this rattlesnake. Good thing I missed it too! My life didn't pass before my eyes, but it was my near-death experience of the week. I was on a nature trail with my neice on Tuesday when we and the snake met on the path! But if you wondered why the kids and I made 'snake dogs' to eat today, consider it revenge for getting the bee-jeebers scared out of me!

I Spot the Red-Spotted Purple

Out my kitchen window this afternoon I spotted this beauty
enjoyed the crape myrtle petals fallen on my sidewalk.

I was able to take pictures of him through the screen of my back porch,
while trying not to scare him away. Then I compared my pictures
to ones on this website in order to identify him:
Gardens With Wings
It's a great website for finding the butterflies in your area!
Just type in your zipcode and colored photos pop up.

And now I understand why this butterfly is called the Red-
Spotted Purple, although the purple is so dark it looks black.
Can you believe the difference between the wings open
 and the wings closed?
It looks like two different butterflies, doesn't it?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good-bye Cocker Spaniel Hair

Feeling a little light-headed!
Great Jet-Ski Hair
Wadda ya think?
Hey Everybody!
Thanks for helping me pick #2! (Yeah, I'm no Sharon Stone, but I'm liking it). I'm not sure my fine, limp hair will hold this style too well in the brutal humidity down here.

The stylist had me all hopeful with all the product I bought, but the drive home? Let's just say it was a let-down, hair-wise. I'll give it a week or so.

If I can't make it look more misbehaving by then, I'll try cut #1. If that fails, cut #4! Hair's always an adventure and I'm glad to be following my heart once again. Y'all helped pick me up out of my rut and I thank you kindly!

It's thundering, lightning, and the rain is pounding with one of our early evening pop-up storms. (Hence the humidity). So I'm getting off the computer ---I'd hate to lose this if the power goes out. Thanks again!

P.S. Oh, by the way, in case you're wondering, I was not at the salon all day long. Rather, I was in the backyard taking dozens and dozens of pictures of myself in order to get these pathetic four to show you! The neighbors now think I'm a narcissistic nutcase. The squirrels heard them muttering "She must be nuts!" and they are sizing me up!